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  1. Cold start problem, please help.

    Here is a problem i've had for about 3-4 weeks now. This is how my morning routine goes; 1. Start the car, sparks up fine and engine runs, for about 1 second, then cuts out 2. Repeat about 3 times with about a 1 second idle, then cuts out. 3. On the 4th attempt it will idle for about 3/4...
  2. RCN210 lights problem

    Hello I bought rcn210 for my mk5. I can't find any official documentation but this is picture 2013 rcn210 strengthen edition 6 car cd free machine sd bluetooth usb-inCar CD Player from Automobiles & Motorcycles on Aliexpress.com Everything is working fine expect one thing. There are no lights...
  3. 2001 Volkswagen cabrio code P0341 help please

    Hello all, i have been having a lot of trouble lately with my vw and dont want to see it go. Here is what is happening, i have a obdII code reader and get code P0341 and then its been mild temperatures the last few days and every once and a while my car when slowing down then reaccelerating it...
  4. Hazards flash when turning ignition on.

    Hi, I am new to the forum and have a quick question with regard to my new (to me) 56 plate polo 1.4s. I have searched but am yet to find an answer to my question, so I though I would ask you guys. Every time I turn the ignition of the car on the hazards flash for about 10 seconds. The lights...
  5. 2012 GTI GPS Navigation Problem

    I own a 2012 GTI w/sunroof and navi package. When I fired up the GPS navigation for the first time, the GPS had me positioned in Virginia. The only problem with that, is I LIVE IN NEW MEXICO! So, my GPS is a couple thousand miles off. I took it to the dealership to have them take a look at...
  6. '96 golf vr6 Clutch Replacement

    I've recently purchased a 96 golf v6 gti with a burned out clutch. I was wondering what would be the best type and brand to purchase. I'm new to the VW scene so any help would be awesome! thanks
  7. '96 golf vr6 problem!

    Hi! So I purchased my first vw three days ago. It's a '96 Golf gti vr6 2.8 L 5 speed with about 150k miles on it. When I went to check it out i test drove it for about 15 mins and knew immediately that I wanted to buy. This car is completely stock except for the sway bars. Ok so here's my...
  8. Electrical problem, Help! :(

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a very strange problem and I was hoping someone could help me figure out what it is. I have a 2007 polo 1.9Tdi and something odd is going on with the electronics. There are a number of things happening but I think these are all symptoms of one main problem. So lets go through them … •...
  9. Locks/Windows/Dome Light/Unlock not working

    So i dunnit again -_- I removed the passenger's side door panel to fix it (dumbass that sold the car to me lied that there was no accident, apparently there was) and to do this, I removed the connections to the switches on that side. Low and behold, things can become more complicated than...
  10. Cruise control problem. How to change switch

    My cruise control does not work on my mk4 Jetta unless the right blinker is on. I believe that it is the switch. I subscribe to Alldata.com but that doesn't tell me how to fix it. I was wondering if it is a big job? or if i could get directed to a page that tells me how to fix it. Thank you...
  11. 96 Golf GL 2.0L Wont Crank/Start When Warm

    Hi all! I bought a 96 Golf GL a few months ago and for about a month or so it worked fine, now however i'm having an intermittent start problem that's strictly temperature related. Every morning the car starts fine when i turn the key. However, after driving for about ten minutes and turning...
  12. Golf 2010 or Jetta

    General Other Auto Discussion
    Hello, nobody answered my question about proper forum part to ask this question (i asked in hello thread) so i will try here. I hope it's proper category - if not - maybe it is possible to move my post to better place. Anyway, i want to ask about a car new car for typical woman. As i wrote in...
  13. 2000 Jetta Blowing fuses

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi everyone. I bought a used Jetta and it runs good, but I'm having a problem with fuses for the turn signals blowing. This problem started soon after I bought the car. I initially replaced the fuse and it would last a few days. Now they blow pretty quickly. Any ideas where to start looking...
  14. Instrument cluster not working.

    So I changed out my ignition switch because the car wouldn't start but the starter was fine and it didn't fix the problem. So I bypassed it entirely and put in a push button that goes right to the back of the starter. Only problem now is that my entire instrument cluster is dead for no reason...
  15. Gear Shift/Clutch problem

    I know this sounds crazy, but here it is. I cannot get my car to shift into gear after it has rained. The clutch was put in about a year ago (<10,000miles). Any ideas?
  16. No seatbelt light?

    So basically, when i put the key in the ignition, the light comes on for about 3 seconds (just like all the other lights) and even when im driving without the seatbelt the warning light wont come on; so the light works properly. Is it a sensor problem? Im almost completely positive that the...
  17. Vw polo 6n -97 gearbox problem

    Hi i have a problem with my gearbox on my polo 1,6i -97 and a new is expensive 9000:- sek. Motor AEE, Gearbox DKE, i found a motor and gearbox (2000 sek) polo 1,6 -95 but its for a polo 6n -95 does this fits if i change startbox mm. Please if anybody have done this or know if its work tell me...
  18. apr chip problem

    i got my chip today and between 2000 and 3000 rpms the engine sputters 3 times (only if you punch in the gas) it feels like that uneasy traction control feeling except its not at the wheels and its freaking me out. anyone have any ideas?
  19. Mixing antifreeze?

    so everyone i asked gave me a different answer and most sounded sure. and yes i tried researching it but it came up with different results. so basically, one says "its antifreeze, u can mix" another says "just make sure its the same color antifreeze" and another says "certain cars get certain...
  20. 2000 polo gti problems

    Hello, my GTI is playin up . . problem is im gettin it was like i missed a gear and had a crunchin noise after that my car started to whistle a bit more well more of a screach but then it started grindin whilst drivin and my gears seem harder to put in and wen its warm the noise is worse . ...