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  1. 2013 Jetta with 2.0 GLI

    Hello, So if I buy this car it will be my first non-Detroit vehicle. So I’m waiting to try and find out the problems I need to keep an eye out for. It is a 2013 Jetta GLI 2.0 Autobahn automatic with 119,xxx miles. What do you think?
  2. Overheating, Low Oil Pressure, Anger

    First off I want to thank you for reading this, and any and all suggestions are appreciated. I will try to keep it short, but I need to explain my problems and what I've tried thus far. 2001 VW Beetle AWV, 175k, K04, Exhaust, APR Div, ARP Headstuds, APR Tuning, Samco? silcone piping. Had FMIC...
  3. 1999 Golf Starting Issue

    Hey everyone im new to vw's and i just bought my first about 2 weeks ago....When i went to pick it up the guy started it right up no problems and it seemed everything okay. When i got home i went to start it and when i turned the key nothing happened ...i would have to play around going back and...
  4. Turbo problems

    was driving one day, lost boost pressure all of a sudden, and now the4 turbo sounds like an electric turbine rather then hearing air flow, any ideas? :confused:
  5. Grinding on Left front Tire

    OHHH MANNN this is scary stuff:( on my front left tire there is a grinding sound and i feel it on the steering and the steering wheel, it makes no sound when i brake or accelerate. i will not be driving this car because it just sounds scary, PLEASE HELP :confused: probably something with the...
  6. problems installing component speakers?

    Hey everyone. I recently purchased 2 pairs of Alpine SPS-600C speakers to install in my '04 Golf. Here's the link to the speakers: Alpine SPS-600C Type-S 6-3/4" component speaker system — fits in 6-1/2" or 6-3/4" openings at Crutchfield.com. Everything else in the audio system is the stock...
  7. 1995 Golf 2L WONT START!

    I just picked up a 1995 golf and it will not start. The guy I bought it from said it needs a new ECU. The engine will turn over but there is no spark or fuel(spark plugs are dry). The guy said that it was stalled and then never started again. The driver side door handle and latch is removed...
  8. Hella Celis rings problems

    My Hella Celis rings were giving me problems for a while. They would work most of the time, then out of nowhere the left or right rings would go out (never both at the same time tho). If I flicked the euroswitch back n forth enough sometimes they would both turn on until the next time I...
  9. Timing Belt

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a 2000 Jetta GLS 1.8 Liter. I can get it cheap but it needs a timing belt and is at this point undrivable. My friend is a car guy and says he can change it for me for free but he wants to know if it is an "Interface Motor"? I don't really know what that means so I...
  10. 2003 GTI VR6 Engine Problems! Please Help!

    My GTI VR6 check engine coolant light went off last night. So I stopped the car at a gas station nearby to add coolant to the engine because the car was overheating and smoking. After adding the coolant, I tried to start my car but the battery died. Also the coolant was leaking out the bottom...
  11. My 95 Golf won't start.

    I have a 95 Golf and the engine turns over so I know it's not a starter, and there is a spark and the gas is getting to the spark plugs so I know it's not the spark plugs or fuel pump. The people I bought it from thought it was the fuel pump so they took it out, turns out the fuse was blown so I...
  12. Problems bleeding MkIV Golf Brakes - No pedal with engine on?

    Am having problems getting brake pedal back after replacing rear pads on 2000 model Golf V5. I accidently let fluid drain out as didn't clamp off properly when had to take caliper off (it was seized). Have bled all corners (several times), each time the pedal comes up and is fine until I start...
  13. Yoy wouldnt beleave it

    hi again, Iv posted before that i had problems with my gearbox on my polo gti . . . and its happened again only did 700 miles in this recon gearbox and its gone . . . grinding noises in everygear . . lucky for me i had 12 months garentee on the gearbox, but it leaves me wit no car 4 a while ...
  14. 1999 wolfsburg golf speaker problems

    Hi, I am new to VW so if I'm kinda dumb, sorry haha. Anyways, I just bought a 1999 Golf Wolfsburg edition (I know that 99 is normally mk4, but I have read on other forums that with the wolfsburg, it is mk3) but the back speakers make no sound. I have looked at some other forums and have seen...
  15. mk3's life & interchangable parts

    Hey whoever reads this I have a couple questions so bear with me. Firstly, I was just wondering if aftermarket parts put on a mk3, such as a sway bar, coilovers, bumpers, etc. are interchangable on the mk4 model or is it just with the mk3? Secondly, about after how many kms does a golf gti start...
  16. Issues, Issues, ISSUES!!!!

    I bought a 2010 Jetta TDI in September, and I love the car – But I really need to find out who is having the issues I am having so far. Here they are, in chronological order: 1) Noisy (ratcheting noise) in center consol -first of all, I know it has a ratcheting system in the center...
  17. apr chip problem

    i got my chip today and between 2000 and 3000 rpms the engine sputters 3 times (only if you punch in the gas) it feels like that uneasy traction control feeling except its not at the wheels and its freaking me out. anyone have any ideas?