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  1. I want some opinions!

    I am looking at the LED projector headlights on esctuning.com, i am trying to figure out if they would look good on my black 06 Jetta?! i really like the styling but i want to know what others think as well.. Also, i was wondering what sort of bulbs should i put in them, i new to projector style...
  2. Parts4Euro.com | HELIX R32 Style Projector Headlights with Free 8000K HID KIT!!

    Parts4Euro.com | HELIX R32 Style Projector Angel Eye Headlights with Free HID KIT!! From now until April 15th 2010 We are liquidating stock therefore we are offering the following headlights with a FREE set of 6000K or 8000K NON PRE-INSTALLED HID KIT. Please select Option "Non Pre-Installed...
  3. Eyelids for MKIV Jetta, Yes or No?

    I have a 01 Jetta 1.8t. I recently bought new headlights for my car(1st Picture) They're sonar halo projectors that have eyebrows. I was planning on buying eyelids for my car but I dont know whether the eyelids will block the eyebrows. Will they or no?