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  1. My 60-160mph Das fast!

    Tonight I pushed my R a little harder than normal, I had my friend record my 60-160 time on his iPhone. What an amazing vehicle.. 04' VW R32 60-160 - YouTube
  2. 19 with my 04' R32

    I just bought this car on the fourth. I paid 9600 cash for it, it has a lot of miles and the guys gf was having a baby so he had to let his R go. It has magnaflow exhaust, sway bars, H&R coilovers, short shifer, pervious owner thinks its chipped (IDK), VF motor and tranny mount, LEDs inside and...
  3. Parts4Euro.com | *** Black Front Grille VW Emblem for MK5 R32 ***

    HOT NEW ITEM!! Black Front Grille VW Emblem for MK5 R32 PLEASE ORDER HERE
  4. R32 Build Thread

    Hey guys, Some of you may have seen my post in the introduction page, but incase you didn't I am the proud owner of a 2008 R32. I am a big car enthusiast regardless of the make, but have a particular fondness for golfs (Esp the mk4, but couldnt find a mk4 r32 on the market) The mk5 R32 is an...
  5. Parts4Euro.com | *** HELLA, HELIX & VALEO Tail lights for MK5 Rabbit, GTI & R32 ***

    Parts4Euro.com | *** HELLA, HELIX & VALEO Tail lights for MK5 Rabbit, GTI & R32 *** Black Cherry Red Taillights for MK5 Golf, Rabbit, GTI & R32 PLEASE ORDER HERE Smoked Black Taillights for MK5 Golf, Rabbit, GTI & R32 PLEASE ORDER HERE OEM European LED Taillights (SPECIAL ORDER...
  6. 2008 R32 - intermittent squeaking noise from the rear

    Hi everyone, For more than a year, every morning I hear this squeaking-quacking-pumping noise from the rear of my 2008 R32. The car is 100% stock, no mods, with 20K miles on it. The squeaking-quacking-pumping noise comes on with 90% regularity when the engine is still cold and I just started...
  7. VW Friends- I need your brain to tell me what my car is worth-album- HOT! 86 Scirocco

    I just posted the photo album called HOT! 86 Scirocco. Unfortunatly, I have to sell my baby for college tuition and I have no Idea what she is worth. People on craigs list are saying I am crazy for selling her so cheap. PLEASE, LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND INFO AND LET ME KNOW.....PLEASE! ...
  8. 2001 gti vr6

    I have a 01 VR6 with a seized motor. So I am looking for some used to replace it and get back on the streets. Now for a few questions. Will a motor out of an R32 fit? And does anyone know the best place to search for decent priced used engines for VW? I really could use any help anyone...
  9. 2008 VW R32, Revo Perfomance & DSG Software, 28k Miles

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Garage kept Candy White over mint Black leather interior 2008 VW R32. Amazing performance and handling. Power windows, locks, mirror, CD, etc. The 3.2L engine has been upgrade with Revo Stage II & DSG software. The Tiptronic automatically shifter clutch transmission shifts crisp and pulls hard...
  10. All Motor R32 Upgrades

    Let me know if this was posted before because I searched and could not find a thread like this so I have decided to start one. So my question is: Does anyone have any suggestions for an upgrade path for an all motor mk4 R32? I love turbos but I sold my SRT-4 for a R32 because I wanted...
  11. R32 Exhaust on 2.0 L

    I've looked & searched the exhaust sites & threads, but not seen this discussed. How difficult would it be to use a stock R32 exhaust on a 2.0 L? Connection either after the headers or cat. This assumes modifiying the rear bumper for the dual tips. I have access to a lightly used R32 take off &...
  12. 2000 volkswagen jetta gls $6499 performance parts/new tires low miles

    For Sale - Vehicles
    I really need to sell this car. Everything is in perfect condition I just need money ASAP. If you are interested at please don't hesitate to call me with any offer. I am selling my 2000 VW Jetta GLS 2.0. This car has many performance mods and the car is in absolutely perfect condition. The car...