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radio problem

  1. Radio Help

    I have 3 mk3 Jettas. 2 run one is a parts car. The one radio is in constant safe mode have left it on for 3 hours a number of times so that we can reset the code but it always remains in safe mode and can not be reset. So thought 2 was remove the radio from the parts jetta. I know that when...
  2. Radio woes

    I recently Purchased a 1997 vw jetta 2.0 for a friend of mine. It has the deluxe sound system with cd changer in the trunk package. When we got the car there was no power to the radio and the check engine light was on. We removed the radio and found that the fuse in it was blown. Now it...
  3. Radio Problem

    I own a 2006 Jetta TDI and my radio has completely died. The screen does not illuminate and the power button will not turn it on. I checked the fuses in both the engine compartment as well as the driver side door. The manual was not much help as to which fuse belonged to the radio so I went...