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  1. MK7
    Can anyone help me pinpoint the source if this sound? It only happens on deceleration around 1500 rpms.. Someone said its the harmonic balancer, another person said its the timing cover, another said frog. ???
  2. MK4
    Hello everyone,I was just wondering if someone can help me.I have a 2003 jetta and just recently when i press in on the clutch at idle it has a bad rattle but it goes away when i take my foot off of the clutch.Any ideas anyone?Thanks
  3. MK4
    Just bought a 2000 vr6 with an engine rattle. I picked it up from a shop for cheap but it was at the shop due to the owners bringing it in complaining of a engine noise. Shop (not a VW shop just a general fix all) diagnosed the engine as bad. I drove it home and the noise definitely didn't seem...
1-3 of 3 Results