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  1. FS: RCD-510 Head Unit - SOLD

    For Sale - Parts
    Took this head unit in excellent condition out of my MKVI VW Jetta and replaced it with a different unit. My car has Bluetooth, AUX and USB inputs. Wiring harness not included. You'll need a pin code which you can get from a dealer for free or for about $3 online. PRICE: $120. SOLD I can ship...
  2. AVRCP on RCD 510

    One more question, this time about bluetooth on my 2010 Jetta SE. I have the RCD 510 touch screen radio and A2DP works just fine, but AVRCP doesn't seem to work (the play, next and previous) buttons on the touchscreen are disabled with my Nokia E71 phone (I have used this with other bluetooth...