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    v=iDWgAUI32NE Short documentary with Craig Yelley and his shop Vintage VW in Spokane, WA. Craig has been rebuilding volkswagens for 25 years and has turned his passion into a career. Check it out let me know what you think! Filmed, edited and directed by Ivan Gwynn. 2012
  2. Rebuilt Transmission For Sale

    For Sale - Parts
    The transmission just got rebuilt and only has 10,000 miles on it. It got rebuilt by a transmission company and I do not need it. I am trying to get rid of it for a good price. If interested please send me a txt or call me at 717-419-6915. I will tell you what i am selling it for if you just...
  3. 51 Plate Polo GTI Suggestions

    Hi, Just bought a mint condition 51 plate polo gti full spec. However i understand they can have crap gearboxes. Is there any preventative measures i can do to stop it wearing out etc?? Thanks Oli
  4. 1981 VW Rabbit LS Diesel for Sale

    For Sale - Vehicles
    1981 VW Rabbit LS Diesel. Engine has been almost completely rebuilt- New head & valves, new injector lines, glow plugs, all gaskets were replaced, new timing belt, etc. It runs great! Gets great gas mileage. Needs new rocker switch for turn signal. A fun little project car. It drives like a...