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  1. MKV GTI Ballast pricing

    So the Ballast is out (or so me thinks) on my GF's MKV GTI Fahrenheit(2007). I searched online and almost had a stroke. $600 for the OEM part from VW and all exact fit parts are $200+. Searched on amazon and it has a cheaper part but the number don't match up. I can post those number I got if...
  2. Help finding part name!!

    So I recently got into an accident.. long story short I didn’t have the right insurance coverage so now I’m paying for my repairs fully, I can find like 99% of my replacement parts online. But I cannot figure out what this part is called for the life of me. It’s where the hood closes, above...
  3. VW Golf GTI VR6 cooling sytstem dramas

    Southwestern US
    Hi - Im Josh = I own a 2003 volkswagon GTI Golf VR6 that needed the radiator replaced - i did that and now the thermostat housing is leaking according to the mechanic. is this a pattern as in should i just get everything in the cooling sytem replaced now? have any of you experienced this with...
  4. In Need Of A Mechanic in High Point, NC

    Southeastern US
    I've had my MK3 for nine years with really no major issues. I ruined my own engine but loved the car so much I got a rebuilt and warrantied engine with less miles in 2012. I've since brought the car out of state to NC where the weather has created a whirlwind of problems. I've had three tows...
  5. Crankcase Breather Hose Repair WITH PICS!

    I apologize if I am doing this wrong, But I saw no write up on how to do it. Any ways The red is the Crankcase Breather Hose -> You can pick one up if it breaks for $21 at auto zone or advance auto, although I went with the dealer for $54. The Blue that you saw was the second piece , the piece...
  6. Help lots of indicator lights this morning

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi guys, this morning when pulling into work my abs kicked on in my 06 Jetta tdi and I slip for about 15 feet. My car then stalled, I restarted it and pulled into the parking lot not thinking much of it. The snow picked up and I decided to go home. My car had a really hard time starting and...
  7. Can Someone Help Me Fix the Front Drivers Seat for 2000 Jetta GLS

    I am hoping someone can help me. The drivers seat of my Jetta will not lock into place. I am not sure if it is the cable from the latch or another problem. I have been looking for a diagram for the parts all over and cannot find one that will help me troubleshoot this issue. I found a long...
  8. Motor mount bolt broke off in the engine block

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    At first I though it was just a bad motor mount. But when i removed the mount, I realized one of the bolts that holds the mount to the motor had broke off inside of the block. So do i go about fixing this? The only way I can see to do this is by buying a bolt extractor kit. I already have a new...
  9. Rabbit Project

    I'm considering buying a beater rabbit and fixing it up (specifically a diesel that I would convert to bio-diesel). Unfortunately though a simple statement I fear I might get myself in over my head. So I find myself with several questions: 1. Would it be better to buy really busted and really...
  10. 1999 Jetta - Secondary Air Pump Replacement

    I recently got a check engine light on my '99 Jetta and had Pep Boys run a full diagnostic finding that the Secondary Air Pump needs to be replaced. They quoted $337 for the pump, $71.88 for three air pump mounts, and $245.98 for labor. I was wondering if this sounds reasonable? I found the...
  11. Hey Friends, question about knock sensor 88 GTI

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello everyone, new user here with a quick question for everyone. I'm going to go look at a 88GTI 2 door today and possibly purchase it for 600. The thing is they mentioned that it needs a new knock sensor, i was able to find some online but was curious wether or not this was something i would...
  12. No Oil Pressure??

    1998 Jetta 2.0L Car sat for about 7-8 months, everything was fine when I parked it and prepped it for long-term storage.. Just went to start it yesterday, and the Oil Pressure light starts blinking on me.. Oil is full. What could cause the Zero Oil Pressure problem? Its not the sensor...
  13. VW Service in NYC

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a good place for service/repairs in or near NYC which would be easy to get to from Manhattan? Prefer a location near a subway stop. A capable/honest independent preferred over dealer. I appreciate your suggestions!