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  1. Replace window motor cog

    Hi I have an mk4 golf. The driver side window crapped out but the motor still works. I had a look and it turns out the cog in the window motor has lost its teeth. I have an old motor that is broken but was wondering if there is a way to just change the cog? If so how? I have removed the black...
  2. Video: Replacing a ball bearing

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi, the video gives you a tutorial how to replace the ball bearing in an idler. This is necessary when the spare part isn't available anymore, i.e. for classic VW, or when the price of the idler is much higher than the price of the bearing, i.e. modern VW: The video has a German soundtrack...
  3. Front left (passenger) door lock part request...

    Hi Everyone, My wife has a 2007 VW Jetta 4-door sedan diesel (comfortline). It is a right-hand-drive model from here in New Zealand - not imported from overseas. It has a faulty microswitch in the front left (passenger) side door. When the door is opened, the dashboard doesn't light up (no open...
  4. '96 golf vr6 Clutch Replacement

    I've recently purchased a 96 golf v6 gti with a burned out clutch. I was wondering what would be the best type and brand to purchase. I'm new to the VW scene so any help would be awesome! thanks
  5. DIY: MK4 Jetta/Golf fuel filter replacement

    YouTube - DIY: MK4 Jetta/Golf fuel filter replacment i thought the black and white effect was cool it was like a sketch haha :D
  6. 2003 Jetta - Instrument cluster replacement issue

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    My 2003 Jetta had issues w/ instrument cluster and i got the cluster replaced with an used one. After putting the used (working) cluster the car doesn't get started and it is showing up the miles as in the new cluster. I belive car is not accepting the cluster which i placed and needs some...
  7. Opaque replacement for 2010 Jetta sunroof shade

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 2010 Jetta with a panoramic sunroof--I acquired it in November, 2009. Now that it's getting hot, I find that too much heat and sunlight come through the translucent sunroof shade. In the winter months, it was fine, but for summer heat, it's too much. For now, I've inserted a large...
  8. Where is the Coolant Sensor on a 1993 VW Fox

    Where is the Coolant sensor on a 1993 VW Fox. Please send pictures is available. Thanks.
  9. 98 golf transmission replacement

    what cars have the same transmission as a manual 1998 golf? I'm looking at buying a golf used but it needs a new transmission so that is all the information i have. :/ based off the whole "MK3 Discussion area for the third generation Golf III and Jetta III produced from 1993 to 1999 including...
  10. Windshield replacement vs. Cowl

    Okay, I'm in a bit of a pickle. My TCM is shot due to water damage. Shocker, I know. But here's the catch. This is post-recall. In other words, I don't believe this is actually VW's fault. I recently had my windshield replaced (actually about 6 months ago). After bringing my 2002 Passat...