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  1. Vibration & resonance under slight acceleration?

    Hello, I have a Jetta MkV AT 2.5L 2005.5 with ~50k which is out of warranty (due to age not miles). I am noticing an increasingly irritating sound coming from what feels to be the front left wheel of the car. When I am on the interstate cruising, and under slight acceleration, I feel a...
  2. Vibration/Resonance between 65 and 75 mph

    My 2010 VW GTI (2 dr MT) makes a weird vibration/resonance noise between 65 and 75 mph speeds. The vibrations can be felt through the pedals (accelerator, clutch). The noise/vibration goes away after 75. It is clear/loudest at 70 irrespective of whether accelerating through or coming down to 70...