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  1. 2015 Auto Amarok 2l BiTdi stalling

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    Good day all I own a 2015 2l BiTdi Amarok (Auto). 90000km Recently I have noticed that when starting the car and shifting to reverse the car has no power. Even when stepping hard on the gas pedal the car just crawls backwards slowly. When turning the steering wheel when reversing the car also...
  2. Backup switch -- HELP!

    I have a 98 GTI VR6 i bought used and somewhat modified, the backup lights wont come on. I have the bently for the car and i have followed the wiring instructions in it, ive replaced the bulbs, checked the fuses, traced it all the way back to the backup switch. When i activate the switch...
  3. HELP! Cant go into reverse

    ok i have a 95 vr6 mk3 with a shift kit. I have trouble getting it into reverse. Some of my firends say it has something to to with it being cold, and my mechanics teach says it might be the linkage... I am at a loss.:mad:
  4. Trans Problems

    Is there any way i can adjust the synchro rods in my gear box on my '99 cabrio? When ever I try to reverse it pops out of gear and grinds. If any one knows how can fix this please help me out.
  5. Need Some GLI Help

    Hey guys, need your help. I just bought a GLI and pretty much things are going well but when I back up, I'm hearing a moan from the rear of the car. I had the brakes looked at and they didn't see anything and the pads still have 8/32nds. It's only when the car goes in reverse. Any ideas? Thanks!