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  1. WTB set of 4 wheels for MKIV

    WTB/WTT Section
    Would like a set of wheels so I have 2 sets, one for summer one for winter. In alaska though. Could be with or without tread. Would prefer 225/60r16. Kinda need 16in rims though. I've got some winter tires already for 16, just need rims. Offering $200 or so. Let's make a deal.
  2. Rims?! ?! ?! ?!

    I have been looking for the past month for the right rims for my car. I have been looking for a gloss black rim, 5 spoke, with a chrome lip that is 17". I have yet to find anything with a gloss lip could someone please help. It is a 98' Jetta Wolfsburg ed.
  3. Upgrades on my Passat...

    Hey guys... First off this is my car right now... 2001-VW-PASSAT-GLS Photo Album - Page 1 - Pinkbike.com I have a 2001 VW Passat GLS 4D and i was thinking about putting Grey Rims like these... 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR 16 inch HYPERBLACK TSW VOLCANO Rim - 16x70 4/114 ET40 Custom...
  4. for all you tire/suspension/wheel pros?

    ok so my wheels are coming tomorrow 17x7.5 i plan on eventually pushing them out more? and dropping it but i like the way it looks with streched tires. not a huge strech but enough to see. i was going to buy 225/45/17 but that seems to plane and wouldnt work with a poke out at all? what size...