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rough idle

  1. Mk4 Golf, rough idle and sucking in gunk

    Hey people, Just as soon as I've got rid of one car and got another, I've got a problem with it again! It's a mk4 Golf, 2001 1.6L 16v. 110K on the clock I bought it from a dealer just over a week ago and it was taken in part exchange so I got a fairly good deal on it. It looked in decent...
  2. 1995 Cabrio Rough Idle When Hot

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with my '95 VW Cabrio's idle. The car starts perfectly, and while it's still cold the engine rests at about 900 rpm, but about 1-2 minutes later something in the car reaches temperature and pulls the engine idle speed down to a rough 600 rpm with the A/C on, and the...
  3. Rough Idle with A/C on

    Hi, Got a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T Wagon. Runs well, except when at idle AND the air conditioning is on. Recently had the timing belt, a/c serviced (new fans), water pump replaced. Is there an adjustment that can be made to address this issue? - CH
  4. Back Pressure Problem?

    i have a '03 Jetta GLS with 1.8T. it has a weird problem, on cold starts it idles really really rough and makes a high pitched noise, so high pitched it almost sounds electronic. it will run like that for about two minutes (and if i start driving, it will stall if i put my foot on the brake...