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  1. Mk3 rpm issues

    I have mk3 1.4 sometimes the rpm go up to 3000 rpm and stuck ! so whats the problem ? Please help
  2. help!

    I have a Vdub mk4 Jetta gls 5-speed. and everytime it rains my engine just doesn't like to work. It'll start and run but only between 400-800 rpms and if i try to put it in gear and move. it bogs out. and shuts off if this has happen to you or anything like it plz shoot me a message or...
  3. High RPM

    the PRM in my GOLF 1998 VR6 is a bit high, it's has been always high .. it's a automatic vr6 . i try to find that part under the hood and lower it my self . but i coudn't find anything. ppl told me that i have to put it on computer and lower it throw the computer. my simple questions is how...