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  1. Radio Help

    I have 3 mk3 Jettas. 2 run one is a parts car. The one radio is in constant safe mode have left it on for 3 hours a number of times so that we can reset the code but it always remains in safe mode and can not be reset. So thought 2 was remove the radio from the parts jetta. I know that when...
  2. Reset 2005 Jetta Stereo in "Safe" mode?

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I just bought a used Jetta (2005) and the stereo is in 'SAFE" mode. The previous owner tried twice to enter the Security Code and failed. Now there is a "2" before the word "SAFE". The manual says to power on the unit and wait at least an hour. We tried powering on and waited more than 4...