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  1. mk2 1.6dNA engine temp gauge/sensor problem

    Hi, Recently my 1989 1.6d NA golfs engine temperature gauge has been acting weird - sometimes working but sometimes dropping dead. I think it started after washing the engine, but I'm not 100% sure cuz I didn't spot the exact moment. I guess there are two possibilities, either the temp sensor...
  2. I NEED a Passat Tire Sensor

    For Sale - Parts
    I need one 2006 Passat tire sensor for the cheap. Or just the stem that fits the sensor. If anyone knows where to get the stem please let me know.200
  3. 08 R32 - Check Oil Level warning won't go away after oil change.

    :?: Recently changed my lube and filter on my '08 R32. Used full synthetic Castrol and filled it to the middle of the marks on the dipstick. Started it up and it ran fine for about a week and a half then got a warning on my heads up display for Check Oil Level. I checked the oil level and it...
  4. Quick Easy O2 Question

    Hey Guys, Replacing my exhaust system (Turbo Back) and decided I might as well replace the O2 sensor while I'm doing that. What O2 sensor would you all recommend for a 2000 GTI. Or does it really not matter which brand I get. Thanks Guys.
  5. '04 Cranks but Won't Start

    My 2004 Passat wagon is cranking but won't start. It has a new battery (1 month old). After googling the symptoms, I saw it may be the engine speed sensor. Does that sound possible? If so, where is this sensor and is it easy to replace? My other option is to get it towed to the shop where...
  6. Oil light keeps turning on!

    I've had a 03 jetta 1.8t for almost a month now and the oil light has been turning on over and over again. I changed the oil and the sensor but nothing affected it. Any idea what it could be?
  7. Where is the Coolant Sensor on a 1993 VW Fox

    Where is the Coolant sensor on a 1993 VW Fox. Please send pictures is available. Thanks.
  8. induction problems?

    I have a mk3 golf gti 16v. recently it has had trouble starting and performance is not as it used to be. under bonnet i found a sensor had come loose from the induction kit and also a pipe from induction kit to top of engine had come off. i replaced both sensor and pipe but problems remain. any...