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  1. 2015 TDI Exec ACC/Parking Assist Fault

    Hello All. My ACC/Park Assist system developed a fault a few days ago that is intermittently displaying the "unavailable" error with a high frequency, i.e. system activates for a few seconds then shuts down for seconds/minutes, and re-activates again. Then rinse and repeat. This would be...
  2. Speedometer Not working

    Worked before we took her apart, then after it stopped working also, the odometer stopped working at the same time what should i check?
  3. 96 Passat GLX Can't Be Smog Checked

    I recently had my car smog checked for CA. It did not pass, but only needed a minor tune-up. As part of the work, the mechanic reset the check engine light. He said that I would need to drive the car for 100 or so miles to re-calibrate the sensors before it could be re-smog checked. I have now...