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  1. Video: Replacing the rear shock absorbers

    Hi, the video gives you a step by step video tutorial who to replace the rear shock absorber at a Passat 35i. The repair starts with the removal of the interior panelling, then dismounting and disassembling the strut: The video has a German soundtrack but English subtitles are added to...
  2. Koni VW Struts and Shocks - Newly Rebuilt! - $500

    For Sale - Parts
    Koni VW Shocks and Springs - Newly Rebuilt! - *Price Reduced* $300 see my craigslist ad: Koni VW Shocks and Springs - Newly Rebuilt!
  3. Wabbles!?!?!?!? And break problem... and looking to mod... 97 Jetta GT 2.0

    Good mornin Peeps!!! So, I got my 97 Jetta GT a few weeks ago and LOVE IT!!! However, as most all older cars, my baby needs some TLC. For starters: 1: The shocks / struts (or what ever it has, i still haven't figured it out yet) are about to go on it. When you rock the stearing wheel side to...