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  1. Turn signal blinks then stays on

    When i use the turn signal, it would blink at first and then continually stays on till i complete my turn and cancels itself out. How do i fix this? is it the relay? How can i replace this? thanks!
  2. signal lights flashing at warp speed...

    ok, we just traded our 1976 cj-7 for a 1997 Cabrio, 5 spd, 2.0. This is our first vw so as a newbie, get ready for some questions. First, both turn signals are blinking very fast, like there is a bulb out. With the key turned on, the left front blinker works faintly and the right front not at...
  3. 1997 Golf Turn Signal Issue

    Hello, My 1997 Golf Jazz is running great since the addition of a new battery and coil pack (issue identified here). My only issue I have now is my right turn signal blinks very quickly instead of normal like the left one. I looked at all the marker lights and they all appear to work fine . ...