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spark plugs

  1. A bad bad wagon

    Hello everyone. I am on my second Passat. We loved the first, but it became a money pit once the oil problems started and VW of said that it was outside the milage limit for the recall. I now have an 03' Passat GLX 2.8L V6 (Purchased March '11). It was super awesome for about the first month...
  2. Oil breather system

    I bought a 1992 golf Mk2 Gti just before xmas. I bought it aware that it needed a front crankshaft end seal. I fitted the crankshaft end seal and then it started blowing oil out of the dipstick.. I diagnosed the fault as something to do with the breathing system so removed the top breather pipe...

    So, I know how to change out spark plugs and a good bit of other simple stuff, but I have a 97 Jetta GT and the (i think) metal part of the air intake that goes to the block (the part that has 2.0 on it) is keeping me from getting to the final plug. I don't want to start trying to take things...
  4. oil on spark plugs, valve cover change?

    i have a v6 passat and recently had a cylinder misfire so i changed all of my sparks plugs. some were bad some had oil on them. obviously meaning an oil leak. was told it might be the valve cover gasket. the worst case scenario would be the piston rings. checked with auto zone, a set of gaskets...
  5. starting / ignition problem with mk3 golf

    my golf used to just ramdomly stall while driving and take a while to start up again. it been doing it for a few months, then i went away on holiday for 2 weeks so didnt drive my car, when i came back it started first time but shut off right away and i cannot start it again. i have just changed...
  6. Cold idle trouble

    Ok so for my next issue... my engine in my '78 Super Beetle Convertible has a lot of trouble idling when it's cold, and needs to be given gas to start and to stay alive. Once it's driven a little bit or sits for a few minutes it starts and idles fine. I've checked the intake air sensor and it...