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speed sensor

  1. Passat Stalling/Not starting

    Hello - i have 07 passat v4 2.0t for the last week my car has been stalling in the middle of running perfectly well...and then refuses to start. sometimes, it just doesn't start...and then if i try little later it starts like nothing happened. i took it to the VW dealership for diagnosis and...
  2. speed sensor

    I changed both front wheel speed sensors on my 00 gti vr6 today. I can start the fine with no lights but as I reach 15 mph both the traction control and abs light come back. before I changed them the light was on.constantly. please help.in tired of looking at a Christmas tree on my dash
  3. 96 vw jetta transmision problem(speed sensors)

    I have a problem with my trans. it is putting out code p1778 the trans wont shift and is stuck in 3rd gear. i have have replaced the speed sensors. i have checked leads to them for signal, i have checked connections, valve body solinoids for proper ohms. i have checked batery voltage and...
  4. Speed Sensor change out tips.

    My buddies 95 mk3 2.0 needs a new speed sensor (engine rpm sensor). Never done it on a 2.0 I told him to come by this weekend to swap it out. Anything I should know about this procedure? Tricks? Tips? Gotchas? Looks pretty simple which bothers me.