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  1. Speedometer Not working

    Worked before we took her apart, then after it stopped working also, the odometer stopped working at the same time what should i check?
  2. Weird noise when accelerating/Messed up Speedometer??

    My car has lately been making this quiet noise everytime I accelerate ... Never did this before, wondering if anyone has any suggestions? It is a late 97 Automatic Golf. Also my speedometer at random just stops working. Then occasionally it will bounce up a few times then go out again, and after...
  3. ODO and Speedo not working on 96 Jetta GL AT

    Hi everyone. I just purchased a 96 Jetta GL and the speedo and odo are not working. I also have a check engine light on but do not have an ODB1 scanner only ODB2. I Found a broken 3 wire sensor on the Automatic trans. It is located at the rear left side of the trans near what looks to be a...
  4. 1994 VW Golf Speedo and Tach stop working when E brake is released

    My speedometer, tach, odometer and clock all stop working as soon as I release the emergency brake. I have never heard of this or had it happen to me before with any car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joel