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  1. 2007 Passat Wagen 3.6L Tiptronic Sport

    For Sale - Vehicles
    I have a beautiful Passat Wagon I am selling privately. See it here at AutoTrader.comHere's the details: 07' VW Passat Wagon in Deep Black w/ 3.6L 4MOTION (AWD), 44,200 miles WITH 2+ YEAR FULL WARRANTY until July 2012 or 74,000 miles[/COLOR]. 6 Speed Tiptronic Automatic, RARE find with SPORT...
  2. New Wheels On My 2010 SportWagen

    Out with the Black Karthoum's, in with the Black R8 style rims. Tell me what you think of the old vs. new.
  3. Exclusive Jetta Sportwagen Accessories Catalog

    vwdiscountparts.com has added an exclusive Jetta Sportwagen accessories catalog to our home page. All of the Genuine Volkswagen accessories that you could want in one catalog with unbeatable pricing. We are also offering a free hat or tee with any merchandise order over $100.00. Take a look! -...
  4. Wheel Options

    Wheels & Tires
    Hi All, Pick up my 09 TDI Wagen tomorrow. Excited. In order to fully realize my mid-life crisis (hence the fuel efficient station wagon) I have tinted the windows and am planning on getting some wheels. I am in love with 07 SEMA TDI Wagen. 2009 VW 'clean diesel' TDI Sportwagen at 2007 SEMA...