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  1. MK7
    Can anyone help me pinpoint the source if this sound? It only happens on deceleration around 1500 rpms.. Someone said its the harmonic balancer, another person said its the timing cover, another said frog. ???
  2. Tiguan
    Hi, I am wondering how many of you have a squeaking problem with your Tiguan's breaks. Mine squeaks every morning and also after it has been parked for more than 30 minutes. It was initially only backing up but now has become a problem moving forward and backwards. VW claims it is normal for...
  3. Polo
    Got a 2010 Polo and there is a squeak from the gearbox when it's cold (below 7degrees, or when not driven for a day or two). This happens mostly when you come back up off the clutch when moving off, shifting up or down, or when in lower gears and going over speed bumps etc. The noise goes away...
  4. Polo
    I've got the new version Polo 1.2 SE and in the last few months it has developed power steering noise (what sounds to me like the motor humming loudly) when turning the wheels at low speed. There is also a squeaking noise that seems to come when braking, pulling away, hitting bumps, that goes...
1-4 of 4 Results