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  1. 2012 Jetta stalling while driving

    Hey, Bought a 2012 Jetta with 85000 kms on it November 2019, and early in 2020 it started stalling while driving. It can be restarted right away, but my teenage daughter, who drives it most of the time, has had a couple of close calls on off-ramps and accelerating onto highways. I spoke to a...
  2. 1988 VW Fox - Stalls on Cold Startup

    Western US
    Hey VW Folks, I have a 1988 VW Fox. Pretty low miles. Had a bad head gasket that I replace. After replacing it ran better than it ever had for the 4 year it before hand. Then I decided to clean the engine with a pressure washer, being as gentle as i could with it. Anyhow, ever...
  3. Another "It Quit Running and Won't start" Thread

    Yes another one. I have been trolling the past threads on the issue and have learned a lot about the MK3 from you all. Here is my story, hopefully someone can put me on the hunt for the fix. I have recently bought a used 1997 Golf GL 4 door, automatic MK3. I was driving along and everything was...
  4. '02 Cabrio Starts Then Stalls

    My wife's car will start, and drive until it warms up. Suddenly it will stall. If you try to restart it, it starts right up, runs for a few seconds, then stalls. Engine speed makes no difference. I'm thinking it has to be a sensor, but there are no DTCs. Any hints as to where to start? Some...
  5. 96 MkIII Jetta electrical failure; stalled while driving, dash smoke, won't start

    Greetings. I did some searching and could not find a thread as specific as I needed for help with this issue. To start, all of these parts are new within last 2 years i've owned the Jetta: -Fuel pump, starter, alternator, battery So, while driving in rush hour going ~25mph in gear...
  6. 1995 VW Jetta

    Hello I have a 95 VW Jetta GL 2.0 with 116K miles on it. For the past couple of months when ever it rains/wet snow my car starts to hesitate badly, sometimes it stalls out. I would be cruising at 30mph then all of a sudden i feel a loss of power and start seeing the RPMs going down. What i did...
  7. Idle Air Control Valve location

    Can anyone please tell me where my IACV is located on the engine of my 1999 Cabrio, and how to clean it?
  8. 97 glx stalls out and takes a while to start again

    My jetta randomly stalls out after stopping at a light or sign after driving and doesnt want to start again for about 10 minutes. if left idleing to warm up after alittle while the car shuts off and doesnt want to start again like stated. also a new problem has happened, when driving the car...
  9. Engine Stalling

    Hi, I've got another engine stalling problem. I have a 1996 Golf GL 2.0 (manual) with 170000km on it. A few weeks ago the car would be jerky and feel slugish with no power, the revs would drop but go back up again without stalling. I brought it into a mechanic who cleaned out the throttle...