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  1. MKIII golf 2.0

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone have received help on multiple occasions and now am back again for your wisdom. Im working on a 96 golf with the 2.0 litter engine. Just did a top end rebuild on it and now for some reason it wont start, The starter just clicks. put a brand new starter in and still the same thing...
  2. 90 golf not starting In need of suggestions - please advise

    I have a 1990 golf diesel It turns over but does not start. This has happened 2ce... once hot & once cold. After the 1st time it ran fine for a week. Starting during that time on the 1st or second try. Now I haven't been able to start it for 2 days. Battery sounds strong, I seem to be getting...
  3. Button Failure on Push To Start

    Had a dealership short out my ignition (long story) - buddies added a maritime ignition start button with wires coming under the dash from the starter and battery same day - I turn the key and push start - been driving since November with no problems - went to start last night and the button had...
  4. 2001 VW Passat GLX 2.8L - Won't Start - Insight Appreciated

    Engine is cranking but it just won't seem to fire up. My Dad and I worked our way through the engine trying to find a basic cause, these are some of the things we checked. It was getting a spark. Timing Belts were okay (don't think they skipped any teeth) Fuel was exiting the fuel filter...
  5. vw beetle turns over but wont start PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi i have a 1973 1200 beetle, it was starting fine until yesterday when i tried to start it and it turned over but just wont seem to catch.:confused: I thought it might have been out of fuel but i have topped it up about an hour ago and it still will not start.....and like the car im not sure...
  6. trouble starting my car

    hey, i am having trouble starting my 98 golf. here's the deal: i was driving and came up to what i thought was a small puddle covering the road. however, the puddle turned out to be quite deep. as i made it through the puddle my car died and would not start again. 4 days later the car will...