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  1. New VW owner with a problem… Help!

    Hi! I'm a recent convert to Volkswagen and I really don't know much about them. I have researched this issue a couple times on the internet and haven't been able to narrow it down to anything at all… I should probably mention that I live in Canada as well so this model of Golf has "City" tagged...
  2. 1999 Golf Starting Issue

    Hey everyone im new to vw's and i just bought my first about 2 weeks ago....When i went to pick it up the guy started it right up no problems and it seemed everything okay. When i got home i went to start it and when i turned the key nothing happened ...i would have to play around going back and...
  3. Block heaters and cold weather

    I'm about to move from Waterloo, Canada (where I'm doing my M.A.) to Calgary (where I'll be doing my Ph.D.), and I suddenly got worried about block heaters and starting the Golf in cold weather, especially after reading this, this, and this. Now, Waterloo can get pretty cold in December (about...
  4. 96 Golf GL 2.0L Wont Crank/Start When Warm

    Hi all! I bought a 96 Golf GL a few months ago and for about a month or so it worked fine, now however i'm having an intermittent start problem that's strictly temperature related. Every morning the car starts fine when i turn the key. However, after driving for about ten minutes and turning...
  5. 1996 Jetta Trek starting issues.

    Just bought this about a month ago, it is a 2.0l engine. The problems I have been having are that in cold weather it has horrible problems starting. In warm weather it starts perfect and runs smooth. Now the car doesn't start at all. What it does is it turns over just fine, before it stopped...
  6. Car hard to start

    Hi, I've been searching for similar "can't start" threads, but can't find any matching the symptoms I'm experiencing. Here is what happens when I try to start my 1998 2.0L Jetta (Wolfsburg Ed.), usually in the morning after sitting all night, and has progressively gotten worse: -turn the key...
  7. 1997 mark 3 golf heater illumination light will not light - car not start

    I have a 1997 (mark3) diesel 1.8 vw golf. Sometimes when i turn the key, the heater illumination light for the coil will not come on and so the car will not start. (if i turn the key the car will turn and turn but never start, not unless the heater coil comes on) I also noticed that if i...
  8. 2009-CC AWD V6 - Starting failures

    Hi All - I am a computer tech, not a car tech so excuse my language. Just bought a 2009 CC AWD V6 (highend / loaded)... in the few months that i have owned it, she has failed to start about 10 times! Cranks, but no Fire Dealer looked, no error codes, so no fix...... I'm guessing it has to do...