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startup problems
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  1. MK3
    I'm having issues with my 1997 VW Jetta GL. Lately, whenever it has rained or snowed, the vehicle won't start. The engine cranks but won't fire. I've had a tune-up done and I've had the terminals on the computer cleaned and after that it worked for about a week. It rained again last night and...
  2. MK3
    hey guys today i changed the head gasket on my car i have put it all back together and it will not start or even turn over just a clicking nioise and thats it . . . does anyone know what it might be. Thanks Luke
  3. General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 02 new beetle turbo S that stalls at startup. Dealer diagnosed with code P1570 immomilizer and reprogrammed key. Worked for a few days and being towed back to dealer. Any help in diagnosis would be greatly appreciated. Could the ECU be bad and is this an expensive replacement? :(
  4. New Beetle
    I have a 2002 new beetle turbo S that will not start. It starts up fine then immediately dies even if I give it gas.
1-4 of 4 Results