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  1. Horn and wiring

    My mk5 Jetta horn hasn't worked for a while and I'm tired of idiots on not knowing how to drive and I can't honk, my parents weren't the brightest about fixing it and going to the dealership about it and they went the cheap route to going to a mechanic and the mechanic spliced some cables that...
  2. FS: VW Golf, Jetta, Tiguan, Sportwagen MK6 Three-spoke Steering Wheel

    For Sale - Parts
    For Sale: A lightly used three-spoke VW steering wheel from a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen 2.5L. This wheel has less than 16K miles use and is in excellent condition. It retails for $356 (Volkswagen (VW) Parts like 5c041909181u). Also, this wheel is wrapped with a Wheelskins EuroPerf Perforated leather...