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  1. Golf now veering hard left?

    Hi, I recently bought a golf mk4 gt tdi pd150. Was running and handling well until the other day where I got in and for some reason the steering wheel was off by about 45degrees I took it to get alignment and now the steering wheel is straight but the car veers left. I got the alignment checked...
  2. Steering jerks to right

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 2000 Jetta with 2.0l and 5 speed manual transmission. After making a sharp turn to the left and as I straighten up and shift to next gear the steering will jerk to the right and then correct back to center. I only have this problem after a sharp left turn. Never after a right turn...
  3. FS: VW Golf, Jetta, Tiguan, Sportwagen MK6 Three-spoke Steering Wheel

    For Sale - Parts
    For Sale: A lightly used three-spoke VW steering wheel from a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen 2.5L. This wheel has less than 16K miles use and is in excellent condition. It retails for $356 (Volkswagen (VW) Parts like 5c041909181u). Also, this wheel is wrapped with a Wheelskins EuroPerf Perforated leather...
  4. FS: 4-spoke steering wheel MINT

    For Sale - Parts
    Mint condition OEM 4-spoke steering wheel. $120 shipped :K:
  5. Polo 2010 Power Steering Noise & Squeaking

    I've got the new version Polo 1.2 SE and in the last few months it has developed power steering noise (what sounds to me like the motor humming loudly) when turning the wheels at low speed. There is also a squeaking noise that seems to come when braking, pulling away, hitting bumps, that goes...
  6. 2006 GLI power steering problem

    I'm having an intermittent failure of the power steering system on my 2006 GLI (58k). Every now and the the little steering light comes on, sometimes in yellow and sometimes in red, and when that is happening I have little or no power steering. I brought it to the dealer and the said there...
  7. ?'s about '97 cabrio

    I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me out with some questions regarding my '07 cabrio. I have a '97 cabrio. I'm looking to replace my seats as they are seriously worn. I got the car as a teenager and didn't take great care of them. I love the car and want to keep it for as...
  8. Loose steering on 2009 CC

    It has been widely reported that the electromechanical steering on the CC results in "dead steering", "numb steering", "no road feel", etc. This is true on mine and it really bothers me. I heard that VW enthusiasts have come up with firmware edits that change the feel of the steering. Does...
  9. Electric Power Steering failure

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    i have a 2004 Touran, I was driving my car on the highway then something happen, the steering wheel very very Heavy!driving at the highest speed of 180km!! I may get killed there!! then 3 beep & red steering wheel warning light on dashboard When i call Volkswagen Libya customer care about my...
  10. Steering Wheel or Column Noise

    I recently purchased a 2008 jetta gli and have noticed an odd noise coming from the steering wheel or column. It sounds like an electronic lock on hotel room keycard door opening and closing quickly. The sound is not very loud, but is certainly noticeable. When the "clicking" begins and is...