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  1. 2 Jetta 2.5 quirks

    I have a 2013 Jetta SE 2.5 automatic transmission. I bought it used a few months ago. These are the two issues I am seeing: 1. When I am rolling at about 5mph and have my foot off the gas, I attempt to start accelerating again and the car shifts hard back into gear(first or second I assume)...
  2. Any one else have trouble with the ignition switch?

    I have a 2013 MKVI Jetta, and about a year ago, I noticed my ignition switch getting sticky, whenever I tried removing my key. I mentioned this to my service advisor at VW, who recommended replacing it while it's under warranty. The parts took about a week to come in, during that week, the key...
  3. Left drivers window open last night and it snowed: Help

    2008 Jetta SEL here. Came back to the car in the morning as it was snowing. Luckily it had just started snowing. First thing I tried to do was close the window, except it wouldn't go up! Kept hitting the button and nothing would happen. Made sure the window lock wasn't on. Tried the other...