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    Name: Alex (Lil Punchy) Location: CLT, NC Age: 49 Occupancy: AP / AR Hobbies: My Ford F150 - My Bugs - Drum and Bass - Industrial - Unorthodox Cross Stitch How'd you find the forum?: Reviewing the newsletter for RockAuto.com The car: 1973 Super Beetle Color: Red
  2. Seats are stuck

    Hello, I've recently bought a 1971 Super Beetle. It'll need some work but its gonna be worth it. One of the problems is that both of the seats do not move at all. Not one centimeter. They appear appear to be seized or something like that, but I cant find the problem. Any tips and how to get them...
  3. 7000 obo 1971 Super Beetle

    For Sale - Vehicles
    4 speed manual new headers & exhaust clean interior chrome accents
  4. 1979 Super Beetle Convertible- Excellent Condition

    For Sale - Vehicles
    1979 VW Volkswagen Super Beetle (Bug) Convertible- $6499 This car is awesome and fun to drive and in GREAT shape. The car was professionally painted a radiant blue-green. This is not a $500 Maaco low end paint job. The exterior looks brand new. Paint is beautiful. New tires and chrome wheels...
  5. 1978 Super Beetle

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    Hey there. Im a 21 year old that drives around a 1978 Super Beetle with a little over 71,000 miles on it. Everything is original except for a new top (people kept poking holes in the original one) and a CD Player (original radio hardly worked). My dad bought it back in 1996 and when I turned...