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  1. Air-cooled
    Has anybody used both duralast and boge struts, I have a 2002 vw type 1 (Only sold in latinamerica) and I want to change my struts, but I don´t know which is better in the first image are the Duralast (the price is in MXN, like 15USD per piece[60USD for the 4 wheels), and in the second image are...
  2. New Member Introductions
    So i got my first vw today its an mk4 black i want to drop it a few inches and put some nice wheels any suggestions?
  3. For Sale - Parts
    I have a new in box MKIV stage 3 suspension refresh kit from ECS for sale. Purchased on 06/07/12 and never used. This item retails for $229.95+shipping. I am asking $180+shipping via USPS Item located in Minneapolis, MN, local delivery preferred but will ship. Item link on ECS...
  4. General Volkswagen Discussion
    so im lookin for suggestions/ideas for some things. first off, i need a new stereo. what fits in the dash with minor alterations to the dash? second, i wanna get a exhaust that is a deep purrr. nothing that sounds like a coffee can. third, reasonably priced suspension kit that works and has a...
  5. MK4
    Hi everyone, I'm putting some new parts on the car. Since I will be getting my hands dirty I wanted to ask you guys a few lessons learns, like stuff that I should look at while I have some parts removed and some upgrade I could do while I'm at it. (If I can get some more HP out of the little...
  6. MK4
    My car is about to hit 70k on the engine and I'm noticing a bit more "Body Roll" than usual. Also the front right of the car seems to be bottoming out... especially over speed bumps. Even when I back out of my garage (concrete drop-off of about 2in. to driveway) I can feel/hear the...
  7. Polo
    Hi New to the forum - My daughters 2003 1.2 Polo has a broken nearside front spring. Has anybody out there changed on of these and is it easy to do? Many thanks
  8. MK3
    I'm refreshing the suspension on my 1997 VW GTi 2.0 (MKIII) and i'm having trouble finding aftermarket springs that offer a slightly higher spring rate without lowering the car aggresively. a 1-1.5" drop is the most i'm looking for, no drop would be acceptable as well. The vehicle is a winter...
  9. MK3
    i want my golf BARELY off the ground. what should i be looking for in springs to get this accomplished? and what other goodies will i need?
1-10 of 11 Results