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  1. Fs: mk5 mk6 parts need to sell

    For Sale - Parts
    looking to
  2. new to vw and want to go low

    New Member Introductions
    So i got my first vw today its an mk4 black i want to drop it a few inches and put some nice wheels any suggestions?
  3. ECS Stage 3 suspension refresh kit (new)

    For Sale - Parts
    I have a new in box MKIV stage 3 suspension refresh kit from ECS for sale. Purchased on 06/07/12 and never used. This item retails for $229.95+shipping. I am asking $180+shipping via USPS Item located in Minneapolis, MN, local delivery preferred but will ship. Item link on ECS...
  4. suggestions for a 98 mk3 golf

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    so im lookin for suggestions/ideas for some things. first off, i need a new stereo. what fits in the dash with minor alterations to the dash? second, i wanna get a exhaust that is a deep purrr. nothing that sounds like a coffee can. third, reasonably priced suspension kit that works and has a...
  5. Wicked Tuning Full Coilover Kit for MK2, MK3, MK4 Golf, Jetta, New Beetle & Corrado

    Wicked Tuning Full Coilover Kit for MK2, MK3, MK4 Golf, Jetta, New Beetle & Corrado NEW ITEM!! Wicked Tuning Full Coilover Kit for VW MK4 PLEASE ORDER HERE @ $449.99 Shipped within 48 States Wicked Tuning VW MK4 Full Coilover Kit The Wicked Tuning coilover kit for the VW MK4 is finally...
  6. Repairs / Upgrades

    Hi everyone, I'm putting some new parts on the car. Since I will be getting my hands dirty I wanted to ask you guys a few lessons learns, like stuff that I should look at while I have some parts removed and some upgrade I could do while I'm at it. (If I can get some more HP out of the little...
  7. Suspension issues: "Bottoming Out, Body Roll" - 2003 GTI 1.8T

    My car is about to hit 70k on the engine and I'm noticing a bit more "Body Roll" than usual. Also the front right of the car seems to be bottoming out... especially over speed bumps. Even when I back out of my garage (concrete drop-off of about 2in. to driveway) I can feel/hear the...
  8. Front coil spring replacement

    Hi New to the forum - My daughters 2003 1.2 Polo has a broken nearside front spring. Has anybody out there changed on of these and is it easy to do? Many thanks
  9. Looking for not-so-low springs

    I'm refreshing the suspension on my 1997 VW GTi 2.0 (MKIII) and i'm having trouble finding aftermarket springs that offer a slightly higher spring rate without lowering the car aggresively. a 1-1.5" drop is the most i'm looking for, no drop would be acceptable as well. The vehicle is a winter...
  10. Suspension Questions

    i want my golf BARELY off the ground. what should i be looking for in springs to get this accomplished? and what other goodies will i need?