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  1. MK6
    So I have asked around a few places and it doesn’t seem like anybody can give Me 100% straight answer I have a 2010 CBFA 2.0 TSI. The dude that owned the car before me said that he did the timing when he did not my bad for not checking but that’s besides the point, timing jumped and destroyed my...
  2. MK4
    So it's time. I'm sick and tired of rolling around in a bone stock wolfsburg knowing i have a stage 1 ecu kickin around from my old 1.8t (RIP). Before i get started, i need to know if there are any components other than the instrument cluster, chip in the key and the ECU that are tied to the...
  3. MK3
    Im in the middle of swapping my 1.8L 1996 golf CL engine out for a 2.0L 2001 cabrio engine. I've run into the problem that the wiring harness i got with the engine is for a automatic transmission, but im putting it on a manual. About 90% of the plugs match up to each other, but theres a couple...
  4. MK4
    I haven't purchased anything yet but I'm looking to take an MK4 Non-TDI and install a TDI Engine that already has a manual transmission and I have some questions... Will any TDI engine swap into any gasoline chassis? or are there specific Trans that match with specific engines? If so, what ones...
  5. MK3
    im looking to swap my drum brakes in the rear of my car any suggestions on brands?
  6. MK4
    Will this work if you take lets say the 1.8ts or the 2.0ts taking the turbos out of them and putting it on my mk4 1.8t? i was always curious cuz simply nothing is wrong with my turbo but it is really old and i feel like its losing power
  7. MK3
    Do the rear seats from the Jetta switch to the Golf?? Ive been looking for seats at the junkyard for a while and whenever a nice set of seats come in somebody only takes one of the fronts before i get to it :mad: there must be an assload of ghetto mk3s around here with mismatched front seats...
  8. For Sale - Parts
    Have One OBD1 for $40 OBO plus shipping. Have One OBD2 for $40 OBO plus shipping. Both in good shape! Perfect spares to gasket match and wrap! Location: Allenwood, NJ 08720 Questions or Inquiries, please email [email protected] or call John @ (732) 691-2335
  9. For Sale - Parts
    The Full ABA Swap would include: - Complete ABA Engine with 137k miles (Runs Perfect) - 02J 5 Speed with 137K miles - ABA ECU - ABA Wiring Harness - ABA Air Filter Box, Mass Air Flow Sensor, and piping. - NEW Ignition Coil - MK3 K-Frame - ABA Radiator - ABA Cooling Fan Assembly - ABA Coolant...
  10. MK2
    Got on a Forum in my Place but nobody did answer a word.. So Here.. Got a 1991 GTI Mk2 ! Has a Swapped 2.0L from an Mk4 Jetta, got Mk4 Motor and Tranny ! Here's my Problem.. Got a Manual Transmission from a Mk4 using normally an Electronic Speedometer and the Current car has the Stock Cluster...
  11. For Sale - Vehicles
    81 rabbit straight body with a 92 digifant ii swap. car runs and idles just fun. wiring needs to be configured so tach and water temp sensor on dash reads. may needs new tranny because when i try to drive it it dies. but if you let off the clutch really slowly it goes fine until you change to...
  12. MK3
    i bought a 98 jetta gt needing a work car. The other days as i was going to work i totaly lost 4th gear. the cars gunna possibly be a toy in the near future so i was wondering if there was a good swap that wouldnt break the bank, and still have possibility to be a good strong trans to hold...
  13. Scirocco
    Hey guys, i tried looking for a list or something like a list online for engines that fit straight into a 1989 8v Scirocco. My engine blew and i cant find a scirocco engine anywhere in Montreal, Canada. any help would be great.
  14. MK4
    I have a 01 VR6 with a seized motor. So I am looking for some used to replace it and get back on the streets. Now for a few questions. Will a motor out of an R32 fit? And does anyone know the best place to search for decent priced used engines for VW? I really could use any help anyone...
  15. MK2
    Hey, I have a 1990 MK2 Polo Coupe which I am refurbing and loving it. I ran into some trouble today when I realised that my head gasket is on its way out. :( The engine has 155,000 miles on the clock and I'm not sure whether the best idea would be to just change the gasket etc or maybe to get a...
  16. MK4
    Hello Everyone! I'm swaping from auto to manual but I need to know if someone has done it before, I need to know how to connect the speedometer sensor and the backup switch. Is it necessary to change the ECM?? What about the TCM? Thanks!!!!
1-16 of 16 Results