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  1. Video: Replacing ignition starter switch

    Hi, the video shows you how to diagnose and how to replace the ignition starter switch at a Passat 35i. For this repair the steering wheel, the lock and the reduction sleeve on the steering column has to be removed. Especially pulling the reduction sleeve might be a problem. The video gives you...
  2. Cruise control problem. How to change switch

    My cruise control does not work on my mk4 Jetta unless the right blinker is on. I believe that it is the switch. I subscribe to Alldata.com but that doesn't tell me how to fix it. I was wondering if it is a big job? or if i could get directed to a page that tells me how to fix it. Thank you...
  3. 1995 VW golf: Radiator Fan wont turn! First time "Das Auto" Owner

    Ok, Just bought a 1995 VW Golf Manual Trans. 2.0L 4cyl. 74K $1400 She was running perfectly (and still is). When i bought it i replaced the oil filter, air filter, distributor, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires, timing belt, and changed all fluids. Is gonna need a new front oil seal in the...
  4. Master window switch

    First post here and hoping to find someone with similar problem. Driver's side master window/door lock switch does nothing to any windows or locks. I replaced with a used one and it intermittently worked. Must be something else but I'm struggling for answers. When I press window switches, I...