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  1. MK4
    Hello. I was just pulled over tonight for my reverse lights being on in drive. I got a notice and have to go to the police station and show the problem is fixed in 60 days. After a bit of testing I found that the reverse lights turn on after a second delay after shifting into drive, 3rd, or 2nd...
  2. MK4
    Hello, I have these after market led tail lights that were fitted when I bought the car: https://winjetinc.com/products/tail-lights/volkswagen/golf/1999-2004/1999-2004-volkswagen-golf-iv-led-tail-light-black-smoke/?fbclid=IwAR1hJaiN61nMrkXgjS1WkvM6SaxWBAq_-MGPoVDnXkhDErqtTzpPOt-_Hjk When the...
  3. MK5
    I need some information on VAG-COM software. I am wanting to recode my 06 Jetta so that the rear fog and amber blinkers work. Im not sure who i have to get in contact with that knows anything about this software. I personally, am COMPLETELY CLUELESS on this topic. i am new to this as of...
1-3 of 6 Results