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  1. TCM issue & TSB:Reference #01 08 14

    Hello, Does anyone have access to this TSB: POWER TRAIN:AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION:CONTROL MODULE (TCM, PCM) Date Reported MARCH 27 2008 NHTSA Reference #10024548 TSB Reference #01 08 14 Description: UPDATE PROGRAMMING, MIL ON, DTC'S P0420 AND/OR P0300-P0306 STORED...
  2. Replaced TCM but lingering display problem

    My 99 Passat SW with 5 speed Tiptronic flooded in a recent heavy rain, filling the pax area with several inches of water and drowning the TCM so that the car had only four gears: park, reverse, drive (4?) and neutral. Using various VW forums (thanks!!!) I discovered that the water had come...
  3. Jetta Transmission Control Modules for sale 25 each!

    For Sale - Parts
    I have 4 TCM's for sale .. 25 each and 10.00 for shipping. Paypal accepted. 096 927 733 AB 01M 927 733 DL 01M 927 733 EA 01M 927 733 CA These are for a 94 - 97 Jetta Email me at [email protected] Thanks!