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tdi power loss

  1. '06 Jetta TDI suddenly lost power, surging, etc.

    Hi folks, My 2006 Jetta TDI has started acting strangely in the past couple days. When I attempt to accelerate (this car is normally pretty snappy with all that diesel torque), it has almost no "oomph", doesn't want to pick up speed much, and starts gently surging. If I'm at highway speeds...
  2. TDI engine issue (possible turbo)

    hey guys, sorry, this is not only my first car but the fact that its diesel makes me know even less about it. i have a 2001 golf tdi, and since i got it Ive been having some massive power/acceleration issues. it takes everything i have to get the car up to speed, and i have absolutely no...
  3. 97 passat tdi power loss

    On hot days, after engine has run for 1 hour or so, engine lacks power. Cannot, for example, maintain 65 mph on steepest interstate upgrades (in CT; they're not that steep!). Turbo is fine; can always hear it spin up. I suspect intercooler, as higher ambient temperature too much for it to do...