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  1. MK2
    Dear All - I have a SKODA OCTAVIA MK2 2010 model. I am from India, I had flat battery and recharged and hooked up to the car and started the car for running at idle. It started well and was running fine, all were ok for few mintues. I went away from the car allow it run for sometime and in some...
  2. Phaeton
    Hello, just bought a 2010-04 Phaeton TDI 176kw, the rear lights have LED that don't work anymore, to my knowledge facelift lights are the same shape and should fit w/o problems, however I don't know if the connectors are the same, any input would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. MK6
    I'll start by saying that I'm pretty new to this. I have a 2012 jetta TDI that did not come with fog lights from the factory. I purchased a set of fog lights, with the grille assembly and bulb housing, used, from a guy on marketplace. All I need now is to get a harness from the dealer. Is there...
  4. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hey all so I have a mk7 golf TDi on Classic Raceland coilovers . My front is almost maxed out and perfect height not even a finger can fit in fender to tire. However the rear is maxed out. Sometimes the driver side is lower and is 1 finger gap, and the passenger will be almost 2 . Then sometimes...
  5. MK6
    I have a 2012 jetta tdi and have been looking for a good set of aftermarket headlights and tail lights that wont break the bank but still look good. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to look for or what to stay away from.
  6. For Sale - Vehicles
  7. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Every time I was my 2015 Passat TDI I have to wrap the side view mirrors in towels to catch the water that drips out and onto the doors without the towels in place, does anyone else notice this ? Any better solutions hahaha
  8. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello All! I am currently a 2016 Golf TSI driver. I got into a lease (shouldn’t have) and am currently 20k miles over. The car has had some issues the moment it went over 50k. This has caused me to change my thought of buying it out. I put about 2k miles/month on it for work and live in the...
  9. MK7
    Hi All, I'm strongly considering purchasing a certified pre-owned 2013 Jetta TDI 2.0 automatic. It's a one-owner with 48,000 miles, blue exterior, beige leather heated seats, sunroof, and bluetooth. The VW dealer has it listed at $9,800, and they'll probably want $11,000 including their fees...
  10. MK4
    Hi everyone. This is my Golf 4 TDI 130hp + remap (and some small things). Now is about 170hp. VW GOLF 4 TDI, PACIFIC -tinted glass 50% -Bi-xenon headlights with daylight -RH prestige 17" 8j -lowering -rear light with white blinker -black front grille -led light on rear license plate -antenna...
  11. MK4
    My 2000 jetta tdi has the check engine light and is stck in limp mode. It is starting to start a little harder and also my glow plugs don't come on when I turn key on and I have to cycle the key over and over until it fires or sometimes it doesn't start at all for a while. Is it the glow plugs...
  12. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi guys, this morning when pulling into work my abs kicked on in my 06 Jetta tdi and I slip for about 15 feet. My car then stalled, I restarted it and pulled into the parking lot not thinking much of it. The snow picked up and I decided to go home. My car had a really hard time starting and...
  13. MK4
    Hi i have a 2000 jetta tdi and i got a lot done to it recently to get it up to par but i noticed that after 10 minutes of idling or so it starts sounding like it needs gas and the engines bounce from 4 to 9000 rpm and when im below 2000 rpm the pick up of the engine is shaky i have an inkling...
  14. MK5
    Hello, I have recently purchased my first TDI Volkswagen (2006 Jetta TDI), which came with a "Powerbox" tuning enhancement installed. I'll admit I don't know much about the subject other than what the guy who sold me the car showed me. I have tried to do some research online but have been...
  15. MK4
    Hi, I have a 2000 jetta tdi where the check engine light keeps coming off and on and when it does come on the transmission doesn't shift automatically and wont go in to fourth gear but when then after driving for a couple days it will decide to shut the engine light off and everything will be...
  16. For Sale - Parts
    Car was rear-ended still drives fine $1000 obo
  17. For Sale - Vehicles
    For sale '00 golf tdi the car was rear-ended drives fine $1000 obo
1-17 of 44 Results