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  1. 2000 VW Golf Temperature Issue

    Help!? I have a 2000 VW Golf. I've had it for the past five years or so. About six months ago I noticed that the temperature gauge would go to 190, but then dip down to the minimum when on the highway. I took it to my VW repair place and they fixed the thermostat. They said that it was sticking...
  2. Heater problem

    I have a 2000 Jetta gls and when iding the temp gauge will rise to normal, but whenever I am driving no matter how long the temp gauge goes all the way to cold and never goes up. the heater gets a little warm but no matter how long i drive it wont get hot enough to be worth while.
  3. Where is my coolant going?

    Hi all, I have a 2000 model. 1.4 TDI polo with aprox 120 000 miles on the clock and I have been loosing coolant for almost 6 months. Have checked all the hoses, hose connectors, changed the expansion tank and cap, checked the rad, changed the water pump about 20 000 miles ago, no milky oil, no...
  4. Questions about 2000 VR6 Cooling Fans

    My 2000 Jetta VR6 had a coolant leak which I thought was a hose but turned out to be the radiator. Also my temperature gauge was not working most of the time, and sometimes the needle would be in the middle (normal range) and i would see it drop to 0 then back to the middle (190 degree) or stay...
  5. Installing thermostat 1,8T

    Hi! I have recently bought a waterpump and thermostat, but I do not have any existing set so i have no clue how to mount it! The car is a VW Passat 1,8t variant, -2000. Motorcode APU. The waterpump isnt installed on the timingbelt. The waterpump sits next to the crankshaft on its own belt...
  6. 03 Jetta GL 1.8T Thermostat Change

    Hello, I need a good step-by-step on how to change my Thermostat for my 2003 Jetta GL 1.8T I've just replaced my battery and my Coolant Temp sensor, but I know the thermostat is a bit more complicated because of the replacement. The car is overheating pretty severely, and I could really use...