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  1. 2012 Tiguan coolant leak

    I am experiencing a drastic coolant leak. It is coming from some box in the side of my Tiguan engine block. The picture is behind and slightly above the coolant after run pump. I do not know what the black box is but it is about 6 inches long and attached flush with the engine with only one...
  2. 2020 Tiguan goes against 2020 Escape! Review

    Hi guys, Just did a review of the new tiguan, and compared to another crossover the 2020 Escape here is the video: Let me know your thoughts. Sam
  3. Tiguan two lemons in a row

    Community Help
    Got a tiguan November 2014, comfortline with sport and appearance packages, Toronto, Canada. NAVI/RADIO/Backup camera RSN510, i.e. the whole control center stopped working 2 weeks ago, just welcome and reboot, then keep looping. Sent to local dealer for service, was told the system broke and...
  4. Breaks squeaking

    Hi, I am wondering how many of you have a squeaking problem with your Tiguan's breaks. Mine squeaks every morning and also after it has been parked for more than 30 minutes. It was initially only backing up but now has become a problem moving forward and backwards. VW claims it is normal for...
  5. Bluetooth Sync Contacts. 2010 Tiguan

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Need some help, if at all possible. We are the proud owners of a new 2010 Tiguan Highline. (Canadian version of SEL). We are having problems with syncing our contacts from our phones with the car via bluetooth to download our phone contacts. We can sync and are able to make calls, program the...