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timing chain

  1. 2010 2.5L Golf Timing Belt

    I bought a used 2010 Golf 2.5L recently and it's at 165K KM/102K miles. I keep finding conflicting info online, so can anyone clarify whether it has a timing belt or chain? If it does have a belt, what is it's interval and how easy of a job is it to fix myself since I hear it is pretty pricy to...
  2. P0011 Intake Camshaft Position Timing - VW 2010 SportWagon 2.5L

    Hey everybody. New here to the group. First time MK6 owner, long time VW owner. Recently picked up a 2010 Sportwagon with the 2.5L gas. I bought the car about a week ago to replace an 08 City Golf that was totaled in an accident. Well after a week of ownership I'm having issues with the engine...
  3. Transmission Noise 1st gear 01 GTI VR6

    Hey guys, I'm experiencing problems with what I believe is from my transmission. On neutral not with the clutch pressed just shift stick in the middle, there is that clunking noise from under the hood... can't pin point where from. I can feel it in the stick. But it stops as soon as I press...
  4. 97 Polo -Stiff turning engine or is it really seised?

    We have a '97 Polo 1.6 which we have been told by a garage has an engine which is hard to turn over (stiff) or is seised. Car was driving fine and turned off ok but when tried to start again after 30 minutes it acted like it was missfiring on a number of cylinders. Mechanic says it very hard to...
  5. Finally ready for minor mods =D

    Ok well, I am finally at the point in time where it is possible to start moding my 95 gti vr6. Im not asking what to do, I just want to know a few things though. Exhaust: I see the Magnaflow is very common for them and is like $500 on ebay and sites, but I dont like/want the dual tip they...
  6. 01 Beetle GLS 1.8t AWV 5spd

    New Beetle
    Hi Everyone, I need help. I have an '01 NB 1.8t 5 spd. I bought the car from a the second owner and she swore that she had kept up on oil changes and maintenance however, i have my doubts. I changed the oil in it the first day i had it and put in a bosch filter and Castrol 5w-30w full...