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  1. 2007 Passat Wagen 3.6L Tiptronic Sport

    For Sale - Vehicles
    I have a beautiful Passat Wagon I am selling privately. See it here at AutoTrader.comHere's the details: 07' VW Passat Wagon in Deep Black w/ 3.6L 4MOTION (AWD), 44,200 miles WITH 2+ YEAR FULL WARRANTY until July 2012 or 74,000 miles[/COLOR]. 6 Speed Tiptronic Automatic, RARE find with SPORT...
  2. New Guy Here Please Help

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have loved Vdubs I used to own a 1.8t GTI and loved it. My question is does anyone have or have experience with VW's DSG tiptronic 6 speed auto tranny? I have heard mixed reviews. Personally I would go for a manual but the wife is scared to death of them.. trust me i've tried several times to...