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  1. oem jetta rims and tires *BOSTON*

    For Sale - Parts
    I have 3 rims and tires that I used on my VW jetta. Asking $225 + shipping. These were taken off my car and replaced with other tires early in their life. Tires are 225/45R17 91H with 90% of life left Brand Continental Conti-pro contact. Rims are VW OEM 10 spoke rims Circa 2011, fairly good...
  2. Would these tires and rims fit my golf gti 2003?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi!:) I planing on buying new tires and rims for my daily driven Golf mk4 gti. Its a 2003 2dr model and the engine is a 1.8T. And i wonder if these would fit?: 2 pair is 205/45-17 and the other pair is 235/40-17. Both tires is 8" wide and ET35. But what i am most concerned about is that it...
  3. Tire and wheel recommendations

    You guys know any good low profile tires and wheels for a 2010 jetta s 2.5??
  4. Winter tire sizes ?

    I have a Tiguan Highline 2012, with 19 inch wheels (255/40 R19). My dealer is recommending 16 inch winter tires (215/65 R16). Is this a good choice ? Do you have any other recommendations ? Tks Light104
  5. 2001 Jetta front bumper, rims, tires for sale

    For Sale - Parts
    I recently sold my 2001 Jetta GLS and still have 4 17" alloy wheels with Michelin XSE 225/45 R17 90H M+S all-weather tires. The rims are in goo shape, while the tires are little-used (but one has a defect). $250 or b.o. I also have an after-market Forest Green front bumper, never used. $200...
  6. Lug pattern changer

    I have some rims that I picked up in which I want to put on my VW golf. It has a 5x100 lug bolt pattern, here is where the problem presents itself. The lug pattern for the rims are 4x100. My question is what is the best lug pattern adapter to use? I would rather not have a large spacer I prefer...
  7. Will these fit??

    Hey i have a friend who stumbled upon these awesome black wheels with the red stripe around them. I wanted to check and make sure they wouldn't rub and all would be well before I bought them off him. I have a 2000 GTI 1.8T They are 18 in wheels with 225/40R18 Tires on them if you need any...
  8. 97 Golf and snow

    97 Golf K2. Love the car. Hate the handling in snow. Actually, the car has never handled the snow well, ever. New England, Mid-Atlantic and now Colorado. I have tried numerous tires, swiping, etc. Nothing works. I don't know if the car is too light or has too much power. I can lay rubber with...
  9. I want some opinions!

    I am looking at the LED projector headlights on esctuning.com, i am trying to figure out if they would look good on my black 06 Jetta?! i really like the styling but i want to know what others think as well.. Also, i was wondering what sort of bulbs should i put in them, i new to projector style...
  10. Mille miglia evo 5 sport

    For Sale - Parts
    I have one MILLE MIGLIA EVO 5 SPORT wheel for sale.. 5x100 8.5 Its not in the greatest shape but the rim isn't bent.. But it'll do, considering its a discontinued wheel.. Decided I'd post it since i've seen alot of posted threads on people looking for one.. The Wheel does have a tire.. Its not...
  11. FS: BBS RK 4x100 +35 16x7 Rims $700

    For Sale - Parts
    For sale is a set of BBS RK 16" rims in 4x100, 35 offset. Uber-rare in this fitment, weigh in right around 16 pounds without tires. The rims come with Michelin tires and the size is 215/40/16 which are due for replacement soon. All wheels have factory BBS Stampings on them. This will also fit...