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  1. Track Car Project

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I've got quite the story on my 1995 Mk3 Golf. So when I bought the car in August of 2012 I was 16, knew nothing about cars, and had two friends who also knew nothing about cars that offered to work on some project car with me. Luckily for me my mom and a few other family friends...
  2. Disable ABS on MK4?

    Having raced karts and dirtbikes for years, I'm not inexperienced in how to recover from the front wheel(s) locking up momentarily in a turn. That said, I just started racing solo2 in my son's MK4 gti and when the ABS kicks in, the system doesn't allow for the driver to release the pedal a bit...
  3. Streets of Willow Autocross on January 15th

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello Veedub enthusiasts! Come join the BMW club of North America for our "Happy Holidays" edition of Autocross! This event offers you a "Two For One", in the sense that it will be held at the Streets of Willow race track, but is in autocross format. Therefore, this event offers you actual...