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traction control light

  1. Electrical Issues

    03 MK4 GTI 1.8T I'm just having a lot of electrical problems. Any help would be so awesome! Randomly I will get a check engine light, it reads that my Timing Belt is out of Timing, also says stuff about wiring problems. Occasionally my cruise control will not work The Traction Warning light...
  2. speed sensor

    I changed both front wheel speed sensors on my 00 gti vr6 today. I can start the fine with no lights but as I reach 15 mph both the traction control and abs light come back. before I changed them the light was on.constantly. please help.in tired of looking at a Christmas tree on my dash
  3. Multiple problems any help is appreciated.

    VW Beetle 2001 1.8t AWM w/APR software Problem 1: So the other day I start to pull out of a driveway and my nephew say, "Hey I forgot something." So I stick it in reverse and floor it. I hit probably around 25mph and it gets a little squirrely (steering wheel goes back and forth a bit). then...