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transmission swap

  1. Transmission Noise 1st gear 01 GTI VR6

    Hey guys, I'm experiencing problems with what I believe is from my transmission. On neutral not with the clutch pressed just shift stick in the middle, there is that clunking noise from under the hood... can't pin point where from. I can feel it in the stick. But it stops as soon as I press...
  2. Swap question-Jetta 5 speed 2.0/ Jetta automatic 1.8 turbo

    I am new to VW's and need information from experienced persons. I have a fully running 1.8 turbo jetta automatic(boo) and a 2.0 jetta 5-speed. My question is does anyone know if it is possible to switch the auto for the 5-speed. Please keep in mind that I am trying to convert the 1.8 to a...