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  1. Clunk...clunk....clunk, clunk, clunk

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    LOOKING FOR ANY HELP OR ADVISE. Yesterday I was driving my 2016 Jetta 1.4L tsi when I heard weird clunking sounds from under my feet out of no where. Didn’t hit anything. When I accelerate it gets faster and when I slow down slower. When I put my foot on the break, the accelerator, or the...
  2. VW Rabbit MKV 2.5L Transmission Slipping

    The car is now at 90.5k miles, when i first purchased it the car was at 72k miles. The only mods on the car is a cold air intake, coilovers and rims. The slipping started around 80k miles, after it slips and the rpms shoot up as it is coming back down (not accelerating at all) the car will jerk...
  3. Replacing a Jetta 2003 Auto Trans

    Hi All. First time poster here. I originally posted this under "User Name" and that post should be deleted. Just received one of these as a first car type deals from my Uncle. It has over 240,000 miles on it and the transmission is problematic, it usually lurches and struggles to get out of...
  4. DIY - How to service MK6 6spd manual transmission

    Dubn please add to the diy sticky section :)
  5. 2 Jetta 2.5 quirks

    I have a 2013 Jetta SE 2.5 automatic transmission. I bought it used a few months ago. These are the two issues I am seeing: 1. When I am rolling at about 5mph and have my foot off the gas, I attempt to start accelerating again and the car shifts hard back into gear(first or second I assume)...
  6. 94 Golf Linkage issues in transmission arm

    Attached is an image of the same manual transmission I have. I have replaced the entire linkage assembly with the it from GermanAutoParts.com I have a few pins left over but unsure where they go but at any rate what I have found both before and after replacing the linkage is on the...
  7. Transmission Noise 1st gear 01 GTI VR6

    Hey guys, I'm experiencing problems with what I believe is from my transmission. On neutral not with the clutch pressed just shift stick in the middle, there is that clunking noise from under the hood... can't pin point where from. I can feel it in the stick. But it stops as soon as I press...
  8. Transmission and/or Clutch issues at ATF 5 speeds of WV Passat 1.9TDI 2004

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Transmission and/or Clutch issues at ATF 5 speeds of WV Passat 1.9TDI 2004 Hi everyone, I'm the happy owner of a WV Passat 1.9 TDI from 2004 of 136 bhp with close to 100k mileages (genuine). I only changed the cam belt and the rear break pads - expected weariness for this mileage and car age...
  9. anybody have VAG in Montgomery count or somewhat in the area?

    Mid-Atlantic US
    i have a 1997 jetta GLS 2.0 and i got a used transmission installed and like 15 codes come up on the OBD2 and they all have codes for like each solenoid circuit and some other stuff and i wanted to see if VAG would get rid of these codes, let me know where you're located and if ou would charge...
  10. 1997 jetta trans leaking..still

    1997 jetta 2.0 GLS new/used automatic transmisson installed fluid and filter change. then transmission was leaking and it was leaking from the side panel..got a side panel gasket installed like 2 days ago..it's less leaking when i dont go on the highway but when i went on the highway and looked...
  11. new transmisson,lots of check engine codes

    1997 jetta GLS 2.0 just got a used transmission in it about a month ago it's been driving and shifting fine and my mechanic told me to change the fluid and filter one more time at least y 1,000 miles and i recently checked on the OBD i have like 14 codes all transmission solenoid related like...
  12. VW G-60 motor

    For Sale - Parts
    HI I have a good running VW turbo G-60 Motor for sale. It is out of a VW Corrado. It's a good solid runner, and it comes with a good tranny and wiring harness. It's ready to go! Located in Wisconsin. I prefer calls and txt's over emails. $2000.00, Jerry @ 608-317-3623
  13. Transmission Problem?

    Hey guys, So I just bought myself a 2004.5 Jetta GLI and I love the car. I just installed some new halo headlights with HID's and they look great. My only concern with this car is that it's making a noise when in gear and decelerating (Letting go of both the clutch and Gas pedal). It makes the...
  14. Computer Problems for 00 jetta tdi

    Hi, I have a 2000 jetta tdi where the check engine light keeps coming off and on and when it does come on the transmission doesn't shift automatically and wont go in to fourth gear but when then after driving for a couple days it will decide to shut the engine light off and everything will be...
  15. Golf TDI transmission busted

    Hello everyone! The 01M transmission in my 02' golf TDI is busted for the second time. At first around 110,000 miles the transmission started slipping (revs building but no acceleration while moving) when driving on hot days. Then eventually the car started to jump forward every time I...
  16. Do I need a new transmission? Can i get it rebuilt or just serviced?

    I have approximately 130,000 miles on my 2006 Passat. The car "jumps" or "bumps" violently from 2nd to 3rd initially in the morning, after the engive is warm it's not too bad. I have a manual transmission. Every time I take it for service when connected to the computer I get no warning or...
  17. URGENT HELP! 01M trans removal how to?

    Hi guys! Can someone direct me to a how to or offer some advice on how to QUICKLY remove a 01M automatic transmission from a 2.0L Golf MK-IV? I say quickly because I will pull it at the junk yard then swap it in mine to replace the dead 01M... (no power in ANY gear...) I have all the tools...
  18. Backup switch -- HELP!

    I have a 98 GTI VR6 i bought used and somewhat modified, the backup lights wont come on. I have the bently for the car and i have followed the wiring instructions in it, ive replaced the bulbs, checked the fuses, traced it all the way back to the backup switch. When i activate the switch...
  19. Transmission problems?

    I have a 2000 jetta tdi. i have been having problems keeping the revs to stay where there suppose to be. ill have it in cruise control at 50km and the revs will slowly bounce up and down. it stops jumping around after i go over 100km. any ideas? and today i put it in reverse and had foot on...
  20. a couple questions about my new JETTA

    Just got my first VW this week, definatly liking the style i got a few questions , and this is an open discussion, anyone that has a clue about anything may post the car i have is a 1999 JETTA 2.0 gls auto tranny, (with no dipstick:mad:) this car has NO balls at all, no get up and go, no...