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  1. DIY - How to remove interior trim MK6 jetta

    Dubn please add to diy sticky thread.
  2. mk6 jetta door trim

    Just wanted to know if any one could tell me where i can find a new door panel besides the dealer. I had a mishap with a window tint guy the jacked up my door panel. He put a nice big burn mark on the top of it. thanks for any help
  3. 94-99 4 door Golf mk3 black side trim

    For Sale - Parts
    I pulled this 4 door Golf trim off a VW in the junkyard because it was in good shape and figured somebody would want it. I couple of the plastic mounting tabs are damaged but you can get them new for cheap, fix these ones, or spread the good ones out in the right places. this is the universal...
  4. gti interior?

    ok so on my 2001 gti the dash around the stereo and temp control unit and on the door handle is made out of this plastic with this weir d soft coating over it, that scratches really easy. its really annoying and completellly kills the interior. anyone get a dash trim kit or anything to fix or...